Our Mission

Our mission for this blog is to generate new light on the green movement. From fair-trade to organic produce to making life more sustainable for the future. Ecological thinking needs to enter today’s pop culture, and that’s where we begin.

Green movement is taking off around the world. It’s becoming more accessible and more fashionable as times goes on. We can all play out part in making a little change and a little change by everyone is what this world needs.

So, through the streets of Paris to London, India and Australia, we have been getting our minds around what people of generation Y think and what needs to be done.

We aim to show young people that things we do, wear, eat and breathe can all be altered slightly, without being ‘granola’ green. Leaf is one example of a fashion brand which is creating a movement in the industry and is the foundation for this blog.

Fashion, music, food, photography and events are just some things we will incorporate every week on this blog and make you see that it’s not out of your reach to make small change and benefit the world.

Let’s be honest. We are all looking foot the latest trends, styles, art, why not do this the green way.

So many of us are as uneducated as consumers of fashion, food and lifestyle choices, we have no idea of the repercussions we fall subject to.

Organic fashion has got stigma written all over it. But think about it, wouldn’t you rather have a bathe in clean water than that riddles with harmful chemicals. It is the same concept of the importance to what you put in your body to what you put on it.

So what ultimately do we want?

Through LeAF generation we want to create a new direction and awareness of fairtrade and the importance or organic products, lifestyle and produce. We want to you build your own opinion; we are merely the source of information. Each week we be posting photography, LeAF shoots, interviews, recipes, events..and anything green really. So stay tuned each week we have young photographers, bands, artists all contributing.

Sustainably Yours,

LeAF Gen Team