Ecological Fashion is  Organic, Fair-trade and Sustainable.

When I talk about working for a fair-trade, organic fashion label, most of the time i’m left staring at a blank face. This new generation of fashion is taking shape, but many of us are still unaware of what these ‘terms’ actually mean. Here is a brief outline…

What is fair-trade?

Fair Trade is a social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries obtain better working conditons, ethical treating and wags to promote sustainability.

For a fashion company this begins from the ground work up, farmers, though to manufactures.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability “ is the capacity to endure”, for humans it is our potential for long-term maintenance of wellbeing, that also surrounds the natural world and use of its natural resources.

What Is Organic Cotton?

Unlike conventional cotton, sustainable farming practices have been used to produce organic cotton without chemical pesticides, defoliants or fertilizers. These practices do not pollute ground or surface water, soil or air. Organic cotton is safer for farmers, for you and for the environment. Organic cotton feels softer, smells cleaner and is less likely to trigger allergies.