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Karma and Clothing.

” In Buddhism, karma is recognized as the cause and effect of the universe. If something good – or green- is done, the results are positive and healthy. In a world of Zen, waste and disruption are equated with bad karma, which is harmful to the earth and its inhabitants. Avoiding synthetic fibers and regenerating old clothes will always bring good karma.” Roberts. R. ‘What would the Buddha recycle”.

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I am Une.

LeAF has recently collaborated with ‘UNE beauty’ by designing the t-shirts for their latest advertisement. Une is an organic and bio beauty brand that recently hit the shelves in France, Europe and the UK. I have been lucky enough to try out some of these products and now, will never go back. Not only do they feel amazing on the skin, they have no harmful chemicals, are light in texture, come in a variety of colour to suit all skin tones.
Most importantly UNE does not use oils derived from petrochemistry, use silicons and is tested under dermatological conditions.
The perfect brand if you ask me. Please visit for more info.

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Street Style, Eco Opinions

Adam Frawley, Student 24

What does fair trade mean to you? Fair-trade means creating products in a non-sweatshop environment, where employees are given a fair go, have a good working environment and decent wage. Working at American Apparel, I have had a good idea of how a successful clothing company deals with fair-trade.

How do Gen Y see the green movement? It’s a minority

Given the choice would you choose fair trade, organic clothing over competing products like LeAF  ?Definately. I think the quality of the product is important. However people my age focus more on disposable fashion because of the price point . If people are more educated and understand they will make the choice to buy the fair-trade and steer away form the mainstream products. 

What change is needed?   More promotion  and it being accessible.

Jessie Oshodi, Student 20

What does fair trade mean to you?   Worlwide equality is important to me, I’m not very clued up on the topic but I support companies like Oxfam. 

How do Gen Y see the green movement?   I think there are some people who care, and some who don’t.

Given the choice would you choose fair trade & organic clothing over competing products  ?   I want to say yes… but I care a lot about what I wear from a fashion point of view, so no, not unless it paralleled the competing labels. But I do buy fair trade clothing! I just bought fair trade asos shorts 

What change is needed?
Spread the word! Provide better awareness of what underprivileged people gain when you buy fair trade, and keep the clothing current and on trend.

Stephen Packer, Film Student, 22

What does fair trade mean to you? A more just and equal global society. 

How do Gen Y see the green movement? Somewhat sceptically 

Given the choice would you choose fair trade & organic clothing over competing products like LeAF?   If fair trade organic clothing was clearly lablelled, I would always choose them over competing products. 

What change is needed?
An emotional and mental change in the minds of the rich.

 Matt Roberts, Musician  24

What does fair trade mean to you? Fair trade is the production of certain products in a humane and socially fair way.  This may be in the form of a higher standard of wage, working conditions and all around social environment for people involved in all stages of a products production cycle.   Sustainability for me is the carbon footprint that a product creates and how it may effect the planet.

How do Gen Y see the green movement?I think in the past 10 years the green movement importance, has become more apparent for most people. I think it was once stereotyped as a hippyish standard of living, where as now it is become a way of life for many people. I guess this is seen through the amount of damage that we as humans have done to the planet and we are now seeing the wrath of our actions.

Given the choice would you choose fair trade, organic clothing over competing products like LeAF? LeAf for sure, I think most people like to feel that they are contributing to making the world a greener place, so why not look good doing it.

What change is needed? General awareness to the countries that are creating the most problems to this cause. This may mean the states with their mulit-billion dollar corporations or the poorer countries that don’t realise the problems that exist.

 Ella Hine, Student 20

What does fair trade and sustainability mean to you?

It simply means equality and basic human rights.

How do Gen Y see the green movement?Positively I hope, within my inner circle of friends it’s highly important. Apathy about the green movement will lead to a crumbling world

Given the choice would you choose fair trade & organic clothing over competing products like LeAF?I would always take the fair trade product into higher consideration. That being said, if the fair trade item wasn’t something I favored as much as the competing product then I would choose that. And now I feel like a horrible pro-sweat shop mongrel.

What change is needed? I don’t think advocacy and awareness are an issue when fair trade is involved. At first I dribbled on about something to do with labels needing to suck it up and stop getting products made in China. When really, the change is in the customer. Manufactures will keep making if we keep buying.

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Lunettes Eco -Vintage

What I found in Paris today.

Lunettes France, another one for the team for sustainable developement. These sunnies encourage the use of the ‘Dead Stock System’  as a means of mass production. ..and they are tres cool

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