Kate Dillon Speaks on LeAF


By Kate Dillon

I am always energized by the creative ways people find solutions to the world’s challenges. Sustainable economic development in low-income communities is perhaps the greatest challenge these innovative solution-makers face, and yet it is also the most critical – from both a humanitarian and an ecological point of view.

The role of the fashion industry in sustainable economic development is still evolving, and LeAF is blazing the trail of this exciting new frontier.Fortunately for us they are doing it with a style and aesthetic that is effortlessly chic, comfortable, and ethereal. I love my yellow and blue tie-dye t-shirts and aubergine boho dress – it feels great to wear clothes that make you look great, but it feels even better to wear clothes that you KNOW contribute to the well-being of people and the earth.

LeAF improves people’s lives and promotes ecologically sensitive productionpractices; now that is truly beautiful.


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